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PERCUSSION  – William “Bill” Bates has been a regular player in the Buffalo area and beyond since the ‘60s.  Starting to play in 1959, his instructors included John Rowland (a percussionist who spent four decades with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra).   Bill has played in countless groups - running the style gamut from rockabilly, blues, country, Motown, swing, jazz… you name it.  This broad range of experience allows him to play with a diverse group of musicians.  While Bill has had the pleasure of filling in with many top musicians in Western New York and Southern Ontario, he has played with several groups, including Tommy & the Midnights, The Milestones, Numeral IV, The Great Day, Frank Gerard-Mike O’Boyle Organ Trio, Jimmy Kay, Full Tilt Blues Band, Nickel City Clippers, Four Point Play, Bison  City Stompers, Jeffrey Arthur Group, Joe Giambra, Joe Baudo, Razz Ma Tazz, Summer of ’69, Jazz Quest Trio, Bates-White Duo.    

Renee Bradshaw was born in Weatherfield on 3rd March 1943 , the daughter of Harold and Daisy Bradshaw . Renee and her younger brother Terry were educated in Weatherfield and Renee got 6 O-levels at Weatherfield Girls High School. When Harold died in 1969 , Daisy moved the family to Lancaster and married Joe Hibbert in 1972 . Renee worked as an insurance clerk for a time before entering the retail trade as a cashier in a supermarket.

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Howard Roberts Quartet, The - Something's Cookin'Howard Roberts Quartet, The - Something's Cookin'Howard Roberts Quartet, The - Something's Cookin'Howard Roberts Quartet, The - Something's Cookin'

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